DesignToolBox v. 2.1 changelog

Tools improvements and fixes

Local reference rotation

  • Added preview of rotation axis
  • Now works properly when working in grid space mode.

reDimension tool

  • Resolved incorrect resizing
  • Now works properly when working in grid space mode.

Reference scale

  • Rewritten functionality, now should work on more situations and produce more correct results.
    • The behavior has changed, it no longer tries to match the first reference direction with the second, now it will match the first reference line length with the second, keeping the first line direction and proportions.

Local isolate

  • Now works with Epoly/Edit mesh selected faces when editing

Offset tool

  • Fixed incorrect undo handling

Angle measure

  • Fixed wrong angular measurements

Divide distance

  • Fixed Orthogonal tracking when working with an active grid

Measure distance

  • Improved orthogonal tracking.
  • Fixed behavior working in grid space.

General improvements and fixes

  • Addressed incompatibility with 3Ds Max versions previous to 2016 (starting from 2014)
  • Changed viewport elements colors, added a dialog to change the colors, including some presets.
  • improved some performance and some general fixes all over the place.

DesignToolBox version 1.85 release

Version notes:

  • New modify Tool:  2-point planar rotation (in local coordinates): DesignToolBox – 2point local rotation
  • New convenient Tool : Unhide by selection.
  • New Tool category: Eyedropper.
    • Includes: Replicator: in-viewport (pick and point) object replacer and instancer
    • Eyedropper: in-viewport (pick and point) mass copier (transformation, material, general properties, mapping, odifiers….)
  • Tool speed improvements:
    • Measure Area should work more fast.
    • Rework done to Paneling tool. Fixed thicknes parameter, better Obj mode.
    • Paneling Detailer: Now it can be launch as a separate tool. Objects selection fixed, and added more mirror options (by numer list).
  • UI changes:
    • More complete Tooltips in Toolbars, Added tooltips in Ribbon and tools w/UI.
    • Some rework in Ribbon layout.
    • Added intersection mode (all guides or current) toggle command.
    • Reworked broken refGuides floater UI, fixed bugs and cosmetic changes.
    • Added a floater UI for the ToolBox.
    • Added a floater UI for the rest of the tools.
    • Some other small cosmetic changes (Icons, Paneling tool, in-viewport information improved to facilitate reading)
  • General bugfixes and stability improvments

DesignToolBox development

2-Point Local Rotation

Works like the reference rotation tool, but instead of picking a rotation axis, it uses the object’s local XYZ axes. The default rotation is around Z-axis, pressing Shift will rotate around local Y-axis, Control will rotate along X-axis.



Object replacer. Replaces picked nodes with instances or references of one source node. Can keep original transformation. Useful when you want to update already placed objects.


Multi purpose copy-paste tool. Replicates transformation, material, UVW modifiers or coordinates (in valid mesh objects), visual appearance, layer, general properties (i.e. you can copy the “radius” from a circle into a sphere or cilindre), modifiers (It cannot copy topology dependant modifications) and others, from a source object to a target object or to a group of targets.

Both tools are designed to work on the viewports with a fair grade of visual feedback.