DesignToolBox v. 2.1 changelog

Tools improvements and fixes

Local reference rotation

  • Added preview of rotation axis
  • Now works properly when working in grid space mode.

reDimension tool

  • Resolved incorrect resizing
  • Now works properly when working in grid space mode.

Reference scale

  • Rewritten functionality, now should work on more situations and produce more correct results.
    • The behavior has changed, it no longer tries to match the first reference direction with the second, now it will match the first reference line length with the second, keeping the first line direction and proportions.

Local isolate

  • Now works with Epoly/Edit mesh selected faces when editing

Offset tool

  • Fixed incorrect undo handling

Angle measure

  • Fixed wrong angular measurements

Divide distance

  • Fixed Orthogonal tracking when working with an active grid

Measure distance

  • Improved orthogonal tracking.
  • Fixed behavior working in grid space.

General improvements and fixes

  • Addressed incompatibility with 3Ds Max versions previous to 2016 (starting from 2014)
  • Changed viewport elements colors, added a dialog to change the colors, including some presets.
  • improved some performance and some general fixes all over the place.

One thought on “DesignToolBox v. 2.1 changelog

  1. Sometimes the ref guides deactivated and turned into gray, as I am still in command or action without finishing it I tried to Escape button but all the icons still in gray and turned off till I will restart the 3dsmax again I tried in 2015 and 2017 versions, second the offset command is a bit weird it is not referencing the start point and moving direction as expected any updates fixing this issues, I’m sorry but I’m still experiencing the plugin might be another issue but till now those two popups that i have

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