Update released, version 2.6.0

This version addresses some problems found in the previous release and add some new features: New features Move and align (1D Align tool) Align objects using two directions from a common base point. Select a target node. Pick a reference point and a target point to displace the node to […]

About “Error Loading Paramblock2” Error

This issue happens when trying to open a scene with refGuides objects made in a previous version than the current installed one, preventing from opening the scene. Unfortunatelly it can’t be corrected, (It will be fixed for next version updates, but it can’t be corrected for previous versions). Workarounds to […]

DesignToolBox new version rolling out – version 2.5.0

New features New layer tools: Isolate layers: Isolate the layers of the current selected nodes, or pick a node in the viewport. Hide/freeze/Box Mode layer picking a node in the viewport. Added shortcuts to ribbon for some useful layer commands not present in 3ds max UI. Tools improvements and fixes […]

DesignToolBox Lite retired

We inform to our customers, that, in light of forecoming changes in our 3ds Max plugins, Lite version of DesignToolBox will no longer be available for purchase. Current customers can still expect version updates for a period, mainly intended to fix known bugs.       Thanks for the support […]

New DesignToolBox demo videos

Many users where asking for more descriptive and not speeded up videos showing the use of the toolset. The recently uploaded playlist on the youtube channel containsĀ individual videos for each tool available.

Published new Script: Panel Cuts

Tool for creating panel cuts reports. Useful for furniture or kitchen cabinets design. Features Material finish, part type, description, grain orientation properties. Sheet use report. Export a .csv file with Part quantity, dimensions, finish, grain direction, part and description values. It can be exported later in spreadsheet or cut optimization […]

DesignToolBox v. 2.1 changelog

Tools improvements and fixes Local reference rotation Added preview of rotation axis Now works properly when working in grid space mode. reDimension tool Resolved incorrect resizing Now works properly when working in grid space mode. Reference scale Rewritten functionality, now should work on more situations and produce more correct results. […]

version 2.0 release and ribbon UI not working

If you’re having problems with the ribbon buttons not working after installing the new version, please reset it to default. Right Click on an empty area of the ribbon > Ribbon configuration > Reset to default. I know this is somewhat inconvenient, but there is no easy workaround I’m aware […]

DesignToolBox version 2.0 out soon

Originally started as an incremental version (1.95) intended to fix reported problemas and include some minor requested functionallity, turned out in a major revision. Also, expect some new demostration videos to better understand how the tools work. List of priority fixes and new features: New Tools: unFreeze by selection added. […]

DesignToolBoox version 1.87

Changelog: Due to problems with the activation on systems with virtual hardware drivers, an option to select device to lock the activation to, has been added. Fixed “Unhide by Selection” tool. Behavior with hidden layers, and hidden objects on hidden layers was not the expected. Fixed error when installing refGuides […]