DesignToolBox Lite retired

We inform to our customers, that, in light of forecoming changes in our 3ds Max plugins, Lite version of DesignToolBox will no longer be available for purchase. Current customers can still expect version updates for a period, mainly intended to fix known bugs.       Thanks for the support […]

DesignToolBox v. 2.1 changelog

Tools improvements and fixes Local reference rotation Added preview of rotation axis Now works properly when working in grid space mode. reDimension tool Resolved incorrect resizing Now works properly when working in grid space mode. Reference scale Rewritten functionality, now should work on more situations and produce more correct results. […]

DesignToolBoox version 1.87

Changelog: Due to problems with the activation on systems with virtual hardware drivers, an option to select device to lock the activation to, has been added. Fixed “Unhide by Selection” tool. Behavior with hidden layers, and hidden objects on hidden layers was not the expected. Fixed error when installing refGuides […]

DesignToolBox version 1.85 release

Version notes: New modify Tool:  2-point planar rotation (in local coordinates): DesignToolBox – 2point local rotation New convenient Tool : Unhide by selection. New Tool category: Eyedropper. Includes: Replicator: in-viewport (pick and point) object replacer and instancer Eyedropper: in-viewport (pick and point) mass copier (transformation, material, general properties, mapping, odifiers….) […]

DesignToolBox development

2-Point Local Rotation Works like the reference rotation tool, but instead of picking a rotation axis, it uses the object’s local XYZ axes. The default rotation is around Z-axis, pressing Shift will rotate around local Y-axis, Control will rotate along X-axis. Preview: Replicator Object replacer. Replaces picked nodes with instances or references […]