Transform tools

rotate QLrotate scale scaleDim Qoffset
Reference Rotate Local planar rotation Reference Scale reDimension Offset
3-point rotation. Angle snap option. 2-point CAD-like rotation. Angle snap option, local XYZ axis direction option. 4-point scale. Orthogonal reference pick mode. Additionally it can apply a Xform modifier instead of direct transformation. Unit-measured scale. Orthogonal reference pick mode. Precise referential movements.
Move around
Move / Rotate / Clone an object around a reference center object.

Measure tools

sdivide Qmeasure Qangle Qarea_icon Qvolume
Subdivide distance Distance Angle Polygonal area Volume
Sets reference points between two picked points. Move mouse or type quant. to set segments amount Live visual feedback measure tape. Orthogonal constraint and orthogonal reference modes. Continous mode displays concatenated dimensions. Measure any angle by 3 points. Pick points to draw an a closed polygonal region and measure its area. Pick two diagonal points representing an enclosing box and measure its volume

Pivot, coordinates tools

qpivot bulb
Pivot positioning. Reference Isolate.
Top, bottom, center, cage align, 3-point align, face normal, reset (3-points and face normal has a Working pivot option) in an oranized pop-up dialog. Isolate object and set an active grid with it’s local coordinates.


Replicator Eyedropper Interactive Array Pattern Array
Replace any object with another.
Replicate multiple instances, keep or not material and transformations.
Copy almost any property from one object to another.
I.E: Match the radius of a circle with the length of a rectangle, render properties, layer or anything else.
Fast, interactive, in-viewport 2.5D Array. Rule-based objects array generation with advanced transform options.
Eyedropper shortcuts
appearance material modifier transform uvw
Object appearance Material non-topology dependant modifiers Standard transformations UVW mapping


paneling multimap_new maptools magnet
Paneling and detailer tool. Multimap Map Tools Store snap settings state Color clipboard toolbar
Quickly create a grid of panels (boxes or custom geometry) in a planar surface. Originally intended to fast model furniture cabinets and add handles, now is a multi-purpose tool. Add invidivual UVWmodifiers to a selection of objects, poly elements or faces. Randomize Gizmos, direct mesh coordinates or UVWXform modifers Fit, center, reset UVW gizmos and delete UVW or UVWxform modifiers in selected objects from a convenient dialog. Save and rehuse different active snaps settings. Dockable color swatches pallete.Generate random colors. Store and rehuse colors.

Viewports, scene management

bulb_usel bulb_fsel locks_pos
Unhide selection Unfreeze selection Lock standard transformations

Guides tools (refGuides)

Guides placement

Free-space coordinates creation Orthogonal coordinates creation Polar coordinates creation
Other reference tools
Protractor Free space Protractor Polar space Protractor Orthogonal space
Guides and dimensions info display
ints info
Viewport display guides dimension’s scale Display XYZ reference units Intersection points between guides Live display of standard transformations and object dimensions