Some free to use and modify Autodesk 3ds Max utilities and resources.

Panel Cuts

Tool for creating panel cuts reports.

Useful for furniture or kitchen cabinets design. Follow the User Guide  for instructions on how to use the tool.

Resize modifier

Just a Simple modifier for redimensioning (width, height and hight) nodes in world units.

Select Polygons by ID

Quick shorcut for selecting faces with the same ID.

  1. Select one face
  2. Hit "faceSel ID" macro
  3. Done.

Populate VrayMat

Populates standard material editor slots with VRay materials. Options:

  • Keep used scene materials.
  • Generate new materiasl with a random diffuse color or just 50% gray.

Align assets

Order scattered objects in a row.

  1. Select objects
  2. Pick a base point
  3. Set settings on the pop up dialog

Adv. Path manager

Listview for managing External files User Paths. It has several adventages over the the default Max´s dialog, some are: More useful UI with colors and font effects to indicate directories status, display only invalid paths, remove empty folders paths and more...

vertex Scrambler

Randomize selected vertices position. Works on Editable Poly objects. Select some vertices and run the script.

rnd Element Select/Detach

Randomly select elements in Editable Polys. It can detach each element as one separate node.

Random Select

Random node selection. By percent of the selected nodes or "Dot-Gap" pattern.

Max Creation Graph


Multidimensional Array.
Conform to surface, align to normal.
Various options for scaling and rotation.


Spherical array.
Project clones on convex surfaces.
Various transform options.